How It Works

LLC Team

Do you want the ability to brand your own business with the freedom and independence that come with it and be able to purchase your own franchise? If so, it’s time to learn more about LLC Team!

Working with us will enable you to recruit and hire agents to represent your company, protect your personal assets with a corporation and more!

We will help you grow your business in record time and accomplish your real estate goals is LLC Team. 

Working with LLC Team is the best option to move your career and company forward. With LLC Team you can brand you own business with an LLC or Corporation.

Grow Your Real Estate Business With LLC Team

You can practice Real Estate in Texas and Florida in the safest and wisest way with LLC Team. We recommend an LLC or Corporation if you are ready to be serious about your success in the Real Estate industry.

Once you contact LLC Team, we will guide you through the process of incorporation and sponsorship with step-by-step instructions. LLC Team Qualified Broker of Record and Real Estate Broker Sponsor staff will be available to assist you along every step of the way. Your success is our goal.

Thanks to historically mortgage interest rates, and demand for real estate, there’s never been a better time than right now to own real estate. This is especially true in Florida and Texas where record demand for real estate has caused homes to sell fast!

Stop Losing Out Of State Deals

You will get the ability to brand your own business through an LLC or corporation with the freedom, independence and protection of your personal assets that come with it.

Imagine no longer having to lose out of state deals because you don’t have a presence in Florida or Texas. With our service, we make it possible for you to grow your business and have a presence out of state so that you can finally achieve the growth in your business that you’ve been dreaming about.

If you so desire, you can purchase a franchise with your newly formed company and have instant name recognition. You will be able to recruit agents to work on your company’s behalf thus increasing your earning potential. Commission checks will be paid directly to your company and will not have to come through Your Brokers office.

No More Excuses

Thanks to our broker of record, and qualifying broker services, we make it possible for agents to grow their real estate businesses in record time without having to go through the traditional hassles that can come with growing a real estate business.

Now is the right time for you to accomplish your real estate goals instead of always putting them on the ‘back burner” or letting something else get in the way. Let us help you grow your real estate business so you can finally expand without having to go through the barrier to entry that sometimes comes with growing a real estate business.

Get started with LLC Team today by clicking here or call us at (512) 200-5853 to learn more about the services that we can offer you!